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Shipboard Human Resources Director


Carnival Cruise Line is the most popular cruise brand in North America and operates a fleet of ships designed to foster exceptionally safe, fun and memorable vacation experiences at an outstanding value. Our company is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our focus is on continuous improvement and collaboration. Our employees have a responsibility to be accountable for all actions. Our leaders set the tone at the top through strong communication to support an ethical climate on board. We consider the environment in all aspects of our business and have a responsibility to put safety and sustainability first. We live and share a positive attitude which is based on fostering an environment of inclusion, trust, a willingness to listen, openness and integrity. Doing this helps us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to include FUN in everything we do!  

Position Scope:

In partnership with Senior Officers and Department Heads, responsible for the strategic implementation of shipboard Human Resources processes and procedures across all departments including; Employee Relations, Employee Communication, Training & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Training, Coaching & Counseling, Quality of Life and Employee Experience. Directs leads and manages all functions of the Human Resources Department onboard.

Responsibility and authority:

  • Responsible for providing leadership in the area of employee relations; internal guidance and assistance to Senior Officers, Department Heads and Shipboard Managers on human resources issues.
  • Provides an accessible, nurturing environment to handle employee relations issues, using effective conflict resolution, assist in arbitrating disputes and resolving grievances, while guiding team members towards the correct outcome.
  • In partnership with Senior Officers, takes a leadership role onboard implementing and sustaining the Carnival Values
  • Leads Human Resources initiatives designed to engrain the Carnival Values in the organization including training, daily communication and recognition programs designed to highlight the specific behaviors that create exceptional guest service.
  • Leads investigations in any Human Resources related issue such as workplace conflict, employee work performance, harassment and minor infractions of shipboard and department rules. (Staff Captain continues to take the lead on investigations that are criminal in nature or that involve serious violation of our Safety and Security policies).
  • Collaborates and consults with other members of the onboard Disciplinary Committee in matters related to investigations, employee issues and employee actions. In partnership with the other members, discusses and determines fair and appropriate disciplinary measures that are consistent with established CCL disciplinary guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • In consultation with Department Heads and Senior Officers, facilitates all employee separation and breach-of-contract actions (terminations, end-of-contract requests, suspensions, resignations and emergencies) to ensure they are processed in adherence to CCL policies. Is present in separation meetings and conducts exit interviews where necessary. Keeps the relevant Shipboard Management appraised and updated
  • Ensures the efficient operation of the Shipboard Human Resources Department including the effective management and courteous execution of on-board services provided through the Staff Administration Office and Crew Training Center, including the entire on-boarding and off-boarding process of team members. Manages and controls departmental expenditure within established budgets.
  • Represents the HR Department in a professional manner, follows high standards of ethical conduct and always portrays a positive and professional image that is essential to the role/position.
  • Responsible for assisting Captain in maintaining compliance with MLC 2006 regulations. This includes, but not limited to; being a resource for department managers on ILO and MLC 2006 policies, compliance with Time and Attendance policy, Funtime Reporting, Grievance Policy, administrative requirements on seafarer contracts and validity of medical certificates.
  •  Responsible for the effective management of crew accommodations onboard according to established crew accommodations plan, manning budgets and berthing guidelines and policies. This also includes the approval of cohabitation requests and in consultation with shipboard leadership the appropriate prioritization of spare cabins.
  • Responsible for facilitating employee cruise benefits, including the approval and processing of cabin booking requests in adherence to the established Employee Cruise Benefits policies and guidelines.
  • Responsible for the review and approval of employee expense reports to ensure team members are reimbursed as per established travel policy and other CCL expense reimbursement guidelines.
  • Supports and actively contributes to all initiatives that drive Safety, Reliability and Security measures on board.
  • In collaboration with the Shipboard Leadership team, plays an active role in reviewing the Team Carnival Experience Monitor (TCEM) results and is actively involved in the strategic action- planning and goal-setting process to address Team Member feedback derived from TCEM reports.
  • Takes a leadership role with Senior Officers and Shipboard Management in the "Quality of Life" and overall "Employee Experience" onboard.
  • Responsible for the coordination of crew activities, the establishment of a voluntary crew activities committee, chairs the monthly crew activity meeting, and oversees all activities as per CCL crew activity guidelines.
  • Responsible to be the main contact onboard for the Crew Care Team, including notifications shore side, liaising with department heads and onboard medical team and providing emotional support to team members in a time of crisis.
  • In partnership with Department Heads, plays a vital role in positively communicating organizational change initiatives and new company policies & procedures that affect shipboard employees.
  • Conducts effective, motivational performance management of the onboard Human Resources Team, including coaching, training and mentoring as well as frequent feedback in the form of documented personal development plans, performance records and periodic performance evaluations, as per established departmental guidelines and timeframes.
  • Communicates effectively with shore side Human Resources, seeks guidance when necessary on challenging HR issues and reaches out for clarification on policy to ensure a fair an consistent approach.
  • Ensures confidentiality and discretion of all employee information including, but not limited to, discipline, investigations, management decisions and other sensitive information and matters of a private nature.
  • Participates in onboard meetings; Monthly Departmental meetings, Shipboard Safety meetings, Hotel Management and Senior Officers meetings.
  • Responsible for facilitating the "Change of Department Requests" as per company procedure. This includes interviewing candidates. Supports the promotion process onboard, ensuring that transparency, fairness, sufficient skill level and experience for positions are considered.
  • Facilitates onboard employee recognition initiatives including: "I AM" Team Member/Leader of the Month/Year and Service Pin Award Programs. Liaises with department heads on their selection of "I AM" candidates and the organizing of appropriate functions. Responsible for the Service Pin Award program including running reports, ordering service pin awards and letters, scheduling of the Service Pin Award ceremony and tracking of recipients.
  • Proactively visits and monitors employee work areas to ensure there is a positive work environment. Interacts fully with all employees and monitors guest service levels by observing and engaging with team members in their work area.
  • Responsible for leadership development onboard including feedback, assessments and training.
  • Develops, evaluates and modifies Human Resources processes, policies and procedures to ensure onboard departments can comply with requirements, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.
  •  Coordinates and is actively involved in special projects and fulfills any other associated requirement as directed by the Captain or Director of Human Resources Operations.


  • Human Resources Degree or equivalent
  • Global Human Resources Certification (GPHR preferred)
  • Relevant Certifications in Hospitality Human Resources 

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